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Directed by Dr. Kevin Disotell, the Flow Physics Laboratory at Youngstown State University (YSU) conducts research on fundamental fluid dynamics leading to industrial applications, modeling, and control of fluid motion. An array of advanced measurement hardware and flow facilities are available to support investigations in a 3,055 sq. ft. laboratory.

Flow physics refer to the physical processes underpinning fluid motion, which require an understanding of the surface and body forces acting on fluid elements. Forces give rise to flow patterns that act as the "muscles" of fluid motion for transport of mass, momentum, and energy (heat transfer). By understanding the details of fluid motion, one can design flow control strategies to achieve one or more desired system-level performance goals: enhanced mixing or heat transfer, reduced noise, or drag reduction associated with lower energy input requirements, to name a few.

The Flow Physics Laboratory is based in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering within the YSU College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Group News

(8/9/2019) Dr. Disotell completed Summer Faculty Fellowship at NASA Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, Ohio) in the Thermal Systems and Transport Processes Branch.

(6/21/2019) Two research papers from our group were presented at the 2019 AIAA Aviation Forum (Dallas, Texas):

"CFD Analysis of Cyclone Separator Flow Field in Advance of Experiment," AIAA Paper 2019-3496 (Session: Analysis of Internal Flows).

"Sensitivity Study of Contraction Flow for Boundary-Layer Validation Wind Tunnel," AIAA Paper 2019-3095 (Session: Computational and Experimental Analysis, Predictions and Assessments of Ground Test Facilities).

(5/3/2019) Congratulations to Mark B. on completing his master's thesis!
Title: "Design and Qualification of a Boundary-Layer Wind Tunnel for Modern CFD Validation Experiments." Available from OhioLINK here.
(4/29/2019) Congratulations to Elise E., selected for a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
(3/27/2019) Dr. Disotell and graduate students visited the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (Warren, OH).
(3/11/2019) Congratulations to Zach M., selected for a 2019-20 Cushwa/Commercial Shearing Graduate Fellowship! Zach will be joining our research team.
(10/11/2018) Graduate student Nico L. and Dr. Disotell visited the NASA Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH) for discussions.
(8/20/2018) Congratulations to Grant W., selected for a 2018-19 Ohio Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarship funded through NASA.
(6/25/2018) Dr. Disotell served as co-chair for Fundamental Fluid Flows technical session at AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, part of AIAA AVIATION Forum and Exhibition 2018 (Atlanta, GA).
(3/21/2018) Dr. Disotell attended the NASA CFD Prediction Error Assessment Workshop (Suffolk, VA).